As a way to give back to the community, TickEat proudly supports St Mungo's: Ealing. A celebrated homeless charity that first began helping rough sleepers in 1969, this London-based initiative has since flourished into an incredible country-wide organisation.

Offering the homeless emergency and long-term housing, specialist physical and mental health services, and education and employment programs, St Mungo's is a charity that TickEat feels aligned with due to their tireless commitment, social responsibility and exceptional conscientiousness.

With so many of the countries rough sleepers arriving at St Mungo's severely malnourished, what better way to offer help than provide food and beverages?

Every month, members of our team volunteer with outreach, handing out nutritious snacks and refreshments to rough sleepers. Alongside this, we also actively donate healthy meals, drinks, undergarments and household goods to the St Mungo's Ealing hostel.

A supported housing accommodation unit, assisting those with medium to high support needs, the project is a wonderful hub for West London's homeless population.

"Working with St Mungos Charity, enables us to give back to the community."