Complimentary Services

TickEat assists airlines, trains, cruise ships and hotels to source ethical and exclusive products, free of charge. Alongside this, we also scour the globe for top-quality packaging for travel catering companies — a complimentary service. This fantastic initiative dramatically reduces time and costs for small and major businesses. Whether you're looking for snacks, drinks or cardboard cartons, we're the team to speak with.


TickEat sources fresh local ingredients and innovative manufacturers, helping clients to realise their vision to deliver premium products. Our experienced team conducts tenders and facilitates contracts between food and beverage brands and travel catering businesses, eliminating time-wasting, monetary loss and inexperienced middle men.

Always keeping abreast of market trends and price fluctuations, we ensure suppliers receive the most competitive costs whilst never compromising on quality.

  • Overseeing Tenders
  • Contract Facilitation and Management
  • Ingredient and Manufacturing Sourcing

Strategic Business and Product Development

TickEat helps place sublime snack foods and delectable drinks in planes, trains, ships and hotel rooms, linking top-notch food and beverage brands to travel catering businesses. From product inception and production, all the way to the hands of the consumer, TickEat's intelligent strategic business planning ensures products connect with the appropriate markets.

We also act as an outsourcing agent for suppliers wishing to tap into our extensive expertise. A strategic business partner collaborating with a wealth of clients across the globe, we perform as an extended arm of your business, operating in your best interests.

  • Product Conceptualisation
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Product Placement
  • Outsourcing
  • Consultation and Advice

Graphic Design

TickEat offers a comprehensive branding service for food and beverage businesses, developing creative brand concepts and crafting original visuals. Whether you require unique label designs, eye-popping packaging, captivating catalogue pages or an easy to navigate newsletter, a graphic artist can send an instant message to the world with a beautiful aesthetic.

  • Brand Identity
  • Product Packaging
  • Label Designs
  • Flyers and Posters
  • Brochures and Catalogues
  • Newsletters