About Us

After a career in airline catering, the visionary Heerum Fleary founded TickEat in 2015: a strategic business partner for food and beverage brands seeking to place their products in the travel, leisure and hospitality industries.

Experts in delivering superb snacks, meals and drinks to the cabins and rooms of airlines, trains, cruise ships, ferries and hotels, TickEat cultivates rewarding, long-term alliances with both buyers and sellers.

TickEat knows exactly where your product fits, thanks to years of commercial experience. Our smart strategizing and peerless knowledge pool is an asset to any business. Crafting bespoke service packages for every brand we work with ensures exposure is aligned with individual budgets. We sincerely believe in the products and the businesses we represent — it's our passion and our lifeblood.

The TickEat team work tirelessly to procure ingredients and manufacturers, facilitate tenders and contracts, brand businesses beautifully, and build successful relationships that propel food and beverage companies to stratospheric heights.

Contact us today and use our stellar connections to your advantage.

What TickEAT Can Do For You

  • Devise canny strategies to help your food or beverage business flourish.
  • Dramatically improve operational efficiency.
  • Build a next-level network for your company in the travel catering industry.
  • Connect your brand direct to airlines, trains, cruise ships, ferries and hotels.
  • Procurement: sourcing ingredients, locating manufacturers, securing contracts etc.