Bespoke Events

At Tickeat, we specialise in crafting bespoke events that are as unique as your brand. These personalised events are more than just gatherings; they are strategic opportunities for engagement, showcasing, and growth.

Previous Bespoke Events:

Our past collaboration with Virgin Atlantic Airways and Clubhouse is a testament to our capability and innovation. TickEat hosted a Virgin Atlantic-themed Food & Beverage travel event that not only highlighted Virgin Atlantic's service excellence but also facilitated meaningful interactions among over 70 brands and their potential big business partners in the travel and leisure sector. This event served as a dynamic platform for exposure, networking, and strategic pitches, tailor-made to foster genuine business opportunities and relationships.

Why Tickeat?

  • Proven Expertise in Travel Events: Tickeat offers over eight years of experience in delivering engaging and effective travel-related events, with a proven ability to meet the unique needs of the travel and leisure industry
  • Industry-Leading Experience: Founder Heerum Fleary brings nearly two decades of food and beverage expertise, including significant roles at gategroup and collaborations with major airlines like Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, equipping Tickeat with deep sector insights
  • Customised Event Design: Our events are tailored to meet each client's branding and strategic objectives, going beyond standard solutions to offer creative, impactful experiences that resonate with participants
  • Network of Influential Contacts: Tickeat's established industry connections provide unparalleled networking opportunities, enhancing your brand's visibility and opening doors to new business opportunities
  • Track Record of Successful Brand Launches: We have a history of successfully launching food & beverage brands in the travel and leisure markets, significantly increasing market presence and consumer reach

What Will Your Company Will Gain?

  • Strategic Exposure: TickEat ensures your brand connects with the right audience, not just attracting attendees but linking you with key stakeholders and potential partners in the industry
  • Expert Event Execution: From planning to post-event follow-up, TickEat's meticulous management guarantees flawless event execution, freeing you to focus on your core business without logistical worries
  • Innovative Brand Positioning: Our innovative event strategies are designed to set your brand apart from competitors and firmly establish your presence in the attendee's minds
  • Access to Industry Insights and Trends: Stay ahead with TickEat's access to the latest industry trends and insights, which can directly inform your strategic decisions and product development
  • Direct Feedback and Consumer Interaction: Our events are platforms for real-time consumer feedback and interactions, providing invaluable insights into market needs and helping refine your offerings for improved customer satisfaction

If you would like further details on our bespoke events please email or fill in the enquiry form below.