As a way to give back to the community, TickEat proudly supports Unity MK. UnityMK (formerly known as Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes) is a local charity offering practical and emotional support for those experiencing homelessness or who are at crisis point.

The charity began in the winter of 2010 as a response to the urgent need of several homeless people sleeping rough in central Milton Keynes, despite freezing temperatures and thick snow on the ground. At the time the YMCA was the only viable option for many, and, with their beds full, a new solution was needed.

A conference brought together people from various interested agencies to discuss the issue, and the concept of the Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes was born. Over the years their role has grown and changed, and they introduced welfare services that run all year round following an increased need locally for advice and support around the issues that can lead to homelessness.

Their team offers emotional and practical help to ensure they give guests the opportunity to stop the cycle of homelessness. Due to no longer 'just' being a night shelter, in November 2023 they rebranded to become UnityMK.

Every other Sunday, members of our team volunteer with outreach, handing out nutritious snacks and refreshments to rough sleepers as well as donating items that are required.

The left over food from the TickEat MTB event is also donated to UnityMK.

"Working with UnityMK, enables us to give back to the community."