Buyers Food & Drink Fest - 10th July 2024

At TickEat we appreciate the time buyers give to our MTB event and other events we organise so we wanted to give back and create an event especially for buyers.

On 10th July 2024 we are launching the first food & drink fest for travel & leisure buyers. This is an opportunity for buyers to:

  • Enjoy a few panel talks from industry peers
  • Hear from a few brands how their listings have impacted their businesses
  • Take part in fun completions against other buyers
  • Meet industry peers in an informal, relaxed environment
  • Share tips, challenges and successes with each other
  • Enjoy great food from local brands and try new foods from a live theatre

Further details to follow in the coming months.

Whilst companies are always competing against each other, we believe you can still make friends within the same industry and share best practices, the TickEat travel conference demonstrated this.

If you would like further details, please email or fill in the enquiry form below.